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Why did you take so long in the bathroom? Oh! You got a business card . .

June 11, 2009

business-card-exchangeYou are talking to a professional who you really think has a lot of potential in helping you with your career search. You want to ask for his/her business card so you will have contact information, but do not know how to request it. It just feels pushy asking for his/her card at this time. What do you do to get the business card without asking? Well, a wise professor I had suggested a trick on how get this person’s business card. 

When you meet someone and go to shake their hand, what do they usually do? They reciprocate by shaking your hand. When you give someone money for a purchase, they usually give you change. When you hand a professional your business card, many times they will give you their own business card in return. If you are at an event where you are gathering a lot of business cards, it is easy to forget the details of the person the card came from. This wise professor of mine told me how to handle this situation. You politely excuse yourself to use the restroom or go to some other discrete location. Once you are in this quiet place, take the business card you received and write down every important detail regarding your conversation that you can remember on the back of their business card for later reference. 

When you hand them your business card, you never know if they are going to contact you or not. This is why it is always a plus to get their contact information.  You can take control. Good luck!

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