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Organization is a MUST

June 9, 2009

organized_shirtsWhen was the last time I was in contact with Mr. Smith? What did we talk about? Did he send me any contact information or job postings? I hope this e-mail that I am sending him is not repetitive. I do not want to give him the impression that I am not on top of my game.” Sound familiar? When you are looking for a job, it is easy to  forget the specifics of conversations you have had with previous contacts. Here is a hint about how not to forget the details: Keep records of everything! Remember those three ringed binders you used to use to hold your school notes? They can come in handy again in organizing your contacts and past e-mails.

The way I keep my binder organized is by placing the name of the people or companies in alphabetical order. I print all e-mails that have been exchanged and keep them together. I also have a section to keep copious notes. In this space I record the dates I have been in contact with the person, what form of communication had taken place and what was discussed. This has made it very easy to reference back to old materials and to make sure that I am not being repetitive. I keep a spreadsheet for the positions for which I have applied. The spreadsheet includes the company name, contacts, when I applied for the position and follow up notes. 

It is not hard to keep a binder, it just takes a little time, patience and organization. So take out that old binder, dust it off and get going!

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