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So connected that you are disconnected

June 4, 2009

modis_wonderglobe_lrg  Social Media outlets these days are endless. One can spend an entire day updating one’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, WordPress, FriendFeed, Lunch, DopplrYouTube, Ustream, Flickr … I could go on and on. You must think about how you will utilize all of the different kinds of media outlets and which ones you are going to use daily. Personally, I use Twitter more than any other social media. I have used Twitter to gain insight from professionals, to network, to find excellent articles, to discover interesting blogs and to promote my professionalism. I use Facebook to connect with friends that I do not see very often. With all of these social media outlets at hand, it is easy to spend countless hours online. One could spend all day online looking for a job. Is it effective to only use social media outlets to find a job? I have seen quite a few people use this approach. I think in order to be successful in finding a job, in many cases, there must be a happy medium between personal and internet connections.

My personal tactics in networking have been quite diverse. Through my use of Twitter, professionals in my field have requested my resume. At a friend’s barbeque, when a friend discovered I was looking for a job, he offered to put me in contact with the public relations department at his agency. Through his connection I was able to set up a successful informational interview. My point is, get connected through the internet and through socializing… in person! Being solely connected on the  World Wide Web can make you disconnected with the real world.

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  1. cahickerson permalink
    June 4, 2009 7:17 pm

    Great posts. Glad you see you blogging again.

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