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Doe’s & Don’ts for 4/20/09: Tips to Get the Help You Need!

April 20, 2009

boss_cartoonIn terms of your relationship with your manager, sometimes it can be a long time between face-to-face interactions. More often than not, you have to rely on emails and voicemails to your boss to ask your questions and put in requests for help. Then, you sit and wait, and wait, for a response. Here are some tips to help avoid this waiting game. These comes from Work 101 by Elizabeth Freedman.

DO ask your questions, then move on. Most employers want employees who don’t need tons of supervision and who an really take the ball and run with it on their own. This can seem scary, particularly when we’re asked to do something we’re not sure about. But the reality is that your boss just doesn’t have the time to tell you exactly what you need to do – that’s a huge drain on energy, productivity, and resources that he or she just doesn’t have.

DO put real time and effort into developing other relationships around the office. By broading your circle of contacts, you’ll have other people to turn to for asking questions, getting help and simply learning more about the company.

DON’T drive your boss crazy until he or she has the time to answer your pleas for help. When you send your boss too many emails “reminding” them about your issue, you run the risk of quickly become annoying and looking desperate. You send the message that you expect your boss to hold your hand, but bosses expect you to take initiative.

DON’T stand outside your boss’s door, waiting for them to get off the phone so you can quickly get your question in. This tends to really drive people nuts – after all, your boss may not want you listening in on their calls or interrupting them. Plus, don’t you have better things to do that stand outside their door all day?

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