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All is NOT Lost

April 19, 2009

When I was reading The New York Times, this article “All Is Not Lost for the Class of 2009” was featured. It discusses and suggests how the current graduating class can help themselves in landing a job. One suggestion is to not rule out unpaid jobs. Working an unpaid job could help you get a step in the door of a company you would like to work for, give you more experience in the workforce and expand your networking region.

Another suggestion was to use the website  When I checked out this Website, I found a number of job listings from my area that I wouldn’t have necessarily found if I were on a more used job search Website. The big job search Websites tend to be highly trafficked as well, making job positions much more competitive.

I also came across another article by CNN called “Ten promising jobs for the class of 2009.” This article has observed which job markets have grown in the past few years and are expected to continue growing in the future. It is always good to keep in mind what kind of careers are growing, because there tend to be more of a demand for workers.

All is not lost for the class of 2009. It is going to take patience and work. Keep a positive outlook and do what you can with what you have. You will succeed in time.

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