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Make them work for you, so you can work for them

April 15, 2009

With 12.5 million Americans unemployed and a failing economy, sending in a cover letter, resume and application is not going to cut it when trying to land a job. To be able to land a job you have to do something out of the box and unique to show your true value. How can you promote yourself in a unique way that will catch the eye of an employer? Well to start off, make them recognize you or even contact you first.

An article was featured in The New York Times the other day about Ian Sac’s of Hoboken, New Jersey. The article was about how he was recently unemployed and about his approach to networking and seeking a job. His strategy was to start having pick-up soccer games, during times when people who were employed and unemployed could play together. This has provided Mr. Sacs and other unemployed professionals the opportunity to meet people who might have connections. He believed that pickup soccer was a healthy opportunity for people to get their minds off of how bad the economy currently is, have fun and maybe land a job or find someone that knows someone who can help them land a job. In this article in mentioned that Mr. Sacs was recently in transportation engineering. The article also mentioned some other unemployed professionals that helped Mr. Sacs start the pick-up soccer games. Mr. Sacs has brought attention to himself through his pick-up soccer games in Hoboken, New Jersey through being featured in a major newspaper in his area, The New York Times along with a Swedish newspaper.

An interesting person that was also mentioned in this article was Denis Danatzko. He was laid off from a financial services job. Mr. Danatzko has taken advantage of being unemployed and seen it as an opportunity to fulfill his dreams of going into a videography business. He has been documenting the pick-up soccer games and how it came about because of the recession. He is getting experience in videography through documenting these games, meeting people that might be able to help him and being featured in The New York Times. These guys have put themselves in the perfect opportunity of being talked about and perhaps contacted by employers in the tri-state region.

There are many different strategies in how to land a job. You just have to think creatively. Putting yourself in a position to have employers seek you out rather than you having to seek out employers can be such an advantage. You do not want to be sold to a position at the wholesale price. Show the employers what you are made of and make there be a demand for you.  

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