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Because of the economy….

March 19, 2009

aton257lFor people currently looking for employment, the subject of the economy and the recession are bound to come up. I’ve definitely experienced that and it’s hard to see a great job fall from your hands because of the economic situation.

But don’t lose hope. My biggest piece of advice would be just to keep applying and be open to many different types of job opportunities.

Here are a list of the realities of the job market for this year. They come from Grad to Great Blog.

Realities for the job market this year (and every year):

  1. No one owes you anything, even if you did just pay your way through school. For every one of you, there’s about 100 others who did that and more to get to exactly the same spot you are today.
  2. There’s always someone else out there who wants it more than you do. You are competing with that person for every single job you apply for this year.
  3. Only the top candidates are going to get hired. (What does a top candidate look like?)
  4. Grades will matter to some companies more than others.
  5. Work experience gained during internships will be expected.
  6. If you haven’t started thinking about what you want to do when you graduate you’re in trouble.
  7. Hard work is the only true path to success. Finding a job takes hard work.(There is no such thing as a hidden job market! There are jobs companies only advertise internally though.)
  8. Social networking is not the ticket to job offers for everyone
  9. Companies want grads who know how to sell; even for non-sales jobs.
  10. Knowing how to communicate is a critical skill for getting hired.

For more information on the current job market and more tips for the job search, visit

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  1. Joanna permalink
    March 19, 2009 9:19 pm

    I was recently rejected from the job of my dreams, after months and months of exhausting preparation. It happens. I know I need to move on, and I will–I have just lost so much of ambitious enthusiasm for the job hunt.

    Although this is corny and maybe not 100% true, but the best thing a friend told me after hearing my sad news was, “it just means there is something better waiting for you.” Like I said, it’s probably not the truest statement, but it did help me remember that I still have talents, and I shouldn’t miscount my talents.

    I will say though, I COMPLETELY disagree with #2 on your list. You have to think you are the best person for a job. And even if you don’t, want it like HELL. No one wants it more than you, and that’s why you deserve it. That’s the passion I had for my dream job, which is why I am so sad to have lost it.

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