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Just another Jane?

February 18, 2009


Are you concerned that you are just another Jane Doe entering the workforce?

If so, don’t stress. Everyone is in the same spot right now: struggling economy, limited jobs, worrying about graduation, trying to maintain some form of a social life, standing out from every other Jane Doe, etc.


I am not saying that you shouldn’t be looking for a job, or that it is okay to put off working on your resume for weeks at a time. I am merely letting the everyday college girl know that in the next few months, everyone who decided to opt out of graduate school will be entering the world of job searching.

My best advice? Start. It doesn’t matter if you are starting on a job search Website or preparing your cover letters and resumes to be sent out to potential future employers, just make sure to start somewhere. Once you get your feet wet, opportunities will begin opening up. Do your research and begin looking for the perfect job for you.

It is important to stand out when attempting to launch your career. Check out to get some tips on how to improve your job search and begin your climb to the top of the working ladder.

Any thoughts on what you are going through right now or tips for women beginning their job search? Please let us know about your experiences trying to stand out when searching for a job!

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  1. Lucy permalink
    February 19, 2009 2:20 am

    I heard this thing on the radio today that said that the average time an employer looks at your application is 20 seconds. They were talking about how important it is to remember this when you spend hours writing resumes and filling out applications. Their advice was to put your best stuff at the beginning and end of your resume or application and keep it as concise as possible. Just some things to think about đŸ™‚

  2. Joanna permalink
    February 19, 2009 4:54 am

    Just a little tip about–when filling out your information, be careful about what you put down as your hometown. I put down my actual hometown, and now I keep getting job listings in Middletown, Frederick and Hagerstown, Md., which are three of the most boring towns in the U.S. The jobs they send me have nothing to do with my major and everything to do with some of the most boring jobs in the U.S. My advice: if you decide to post your resume on, put down that you are from NYC.

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